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    Ramtrax studios have become an industry leader in mixing & mastering. Having worked on Gold, Platinum and Grammy nominated records it is a go-to place for record labels such as Universal Music, Interscope, Warner music group, and Sony music. Whether recording a musical ensemble or voiceover session, our experienced engineers walk into each unique project with the enthusiasm, passion and knowledge to bring your ideas and projects to life.

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    We offer a variety of Recording Services

    Recording demos is a crucial element of any musician’s career – budding or otherwise. Usually, demos are rough recordings of songs sent by musicians and singers to record labels to try and land a deal, and musicians, singers, and songwriters to find an agent or manager. Whether you’re a musician, singer, or a songwiter, if you want to get your songs heard and noticed, you need a polished demo.
    Voice over
    Voice-over production is our passion. We provide full flexibility and functionality with all audio format types, both analogue and digital. Our recording studio is outfitted with Pro Tools, Vegas, Logic and a number of top end industry standard hardware elements that combine to create pristine broadcast-quality audio.
    The production studio is where the rubber hits the road in terms of creating music. All of your skills come to the front because this is the place where all of your ideas and visions of a music production will be realized. At Ramtrax our goal is to transfer your vision to sound and make it come to life.
    Ramtrax has some most innovated recording equipment used to bring out the best in your music project, commercial, or film. More importantly, with over 25 years of hands-on experience in production and engineering we have a track record of enhancing and bringing to life your upcoming recording project.
    Many musicians and engineers still don’t understand the importance of mastering. A very critical, but often overlooked step in the recording process. It can make or break your product. Ramtrax professional mastering puts the seal of industry approval before it goes out to all distribution channels.

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